Morning all Few charts No doubt as we get closer to Friday all...

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    Morning all

    Few charts

    No doubt as we get closer to Friday all these Fraser Range plays are going to heat up big time as the fomo kicks in, i have a couple of small punts on BOA and GAL

    BOA : New 18 month highs, highest volume in 12 months + good nearology play to LEG/GAL. More importantly that piece of ground right next door to Nova.



    CML : Contender of the year for the worse spec chart ever and most of this has all happened only over the last 3-6 months. We should have a competition for Xmas I trade mark yesterdays candle dark cloud category 5 storm cover


    IMS : Turn around story here, been slowly accumulated for a while now, looking for the break above 0.008 for a break out. One for the WL. ST Target 1.1 cents.


    WWI : Gold back in favour overnight i really like this spec with a 4.5 mil market cap. Jorc Resource is nice. But the key to this stock is they are about to start exporing there Paterson tenements around some big majors imminently, should see news any day now. Smokey. One to watch ST target 1 cent.  Watching for a break of the 50sma, looks very close.



    WZR : Back test yesterday found some decent support, looks a good volume setup at 17 cents for a break out. One to keep an eye on today.


    I guess the flavour today is going to be Fraser Range plays and goldies !
    Give us ya tips !

    All my opinion obviously dyor

    Chers all

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