Day traders' after-market lounge September 15, page-6

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    Some outstanding runs from this mornings large field of tips. Todays standout goes to Z2U opened .465 /closed .65 and touched .76.This one was provided by @HungHing ,well done. Several honorable mentions including PSC .395/.46 from @slips ,KWR .115/.135 also from @HungHing , MHK .685/.76 touched .965 from@Zava1 ,LPD .26/.29 from @Trees and @gino70 , MAN .056/.06 from @sharebroker1 ,and finally NMT from yours truly. Hopefully many of you had a good DT day on a weakish market. Obviously exit timing was crucial on a few of them.Apologies as usual if I missed any.
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