Day traders' after-market lounge November 25, page-26

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    RAD - 1st time I've seen an IPO dive.
    Today was just a watch and wait day for me. I'm tied up in other losing stocks, waiting for them to bounce ... obviously thats not happening as quickly as I would like, but I'm trying to be patient with some.

    I've actually done less trading this month, and been picky when I have traded.
    So far I've almost reached my monthly target, including the loses I've taken.
    But with 3 trading days left, I'm not sure I will get to my target as I've already organised to be out for 2 long lunches.

    I might have to rethink my strategy for next month. The losing stocks I hold were at some point making a profit, and they didn't hit my sell price.
    So i held on, and they have lost ground. As the market is looking unstable, I should've taken the profit when it was there.
    Just another lesson to learn in the daily classroom.
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