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    what I am saying as a lay person is - we seem to not be ready we don't have batteries connected or even able = to be able to just switch - so also as a layperson - the fight to be green ok good but how are we going to implement that - so for now seems the battery storage option is not ready and we have decomissioned the things we used to use - so a logical person would just ask why -

    And then the last gov suddenly comes back with nuclear ? ok so why did they not go down the path of making that happen - seems a bit of an attention grab to me at this point - I really don't want to look at the politcal threads on this site at this point as that is a whole nother world -
    Anyone can offer any insight into this on here in the AM lounge if you have a better understanding or a suggestion of where this all goes ok but really I am just a bit disillusioned to see all the arguing and the lack of solutions - that seem to be the situation -
    So as traders it is actually go or bin - that my friends is a better analogy of what needs to happen imo
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