Welcome to the Day Trader’s Weekend Aftermarket Lounge. Thanks...

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    Welcome to the Day Trader’s Weekend Aftermarket Lounge. Thanks for the opens today @Bugsam, @Oscar09 and @highlandladsmile.png

    Similar to yesterday, the market dropped into the red after open and stayed fairly flat most of the day, closing in the red 0.59% down. The spec end was quiet even for a Friday. If you're lucky you grabbed something. Hope you all had a good week smile.png

    WORLD BAR TOUR! (DAY 15 of 197) Today's country is Barbados !

    Grab your swimmers, we are off to Barbados!. I've saved us some seats at this beach bar. Enjoy a beer, wine or island appropriate cocktail biggrin.png Enjoy your drink and then go for a swim in the crystal clear water. And then back for more drinks cool.png (community service announcement: being drunk and swimming is a health hazard rolleyes.png). Have a great weekend smile.png

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