My final day of trading in full was good to me with wins in PUR...

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    My final day of trading in full was good to me with wins in PUR   CGC  and RHT. Unfortunately I sold WHK yesterday and missed out on today's gains.

    You guys are making it very hard for me to leave. I may have to wean myself off trading and Hot Copper over the next few days.

    There is still a bit of packing and socialising to do. Not only am I leaving my workplace but also my community so I shall miss my neighbours including Kevin, my yoga studio, the river, even the local Woolies that I can walk to.

    As you are well aware, especially the ones who trade fulltime, sitting and watching screens all day can be a lonely and mind numbing experience even with a dog to chat to. Opening the thread each morning set me up with a routine. I'd go walking, do some chores, have breakfast and get stuck into the action. Then it was off to yoga. Rinse and repeat five days a week. Of course, there were benefits - the commute was negligible, the excitement of the runners, the financial rewards, being able to trade whilst you travel and turning up to work in exercise gear.

    But there were times, I would crave the interaction of people I can see. I find myself needing new challenges and my new role is as far away from trading as could possibly be. I will be directing my time and efforts towards those less fortunate and that's all I will say about it. I haven't worked fulltime for quite a long while as I was frequently juggling the needs of others so this will be something new.

    No doubt I will be checking in - trading gets in your veins.

    Appreciate the whisky selection @ttward and thanks to all for suffering my attempts to keep you healthy with my breakfast choices, my taste in music and my passion for football. Go Man Utd!!!

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