Happy news, but also a bit bittersweet @Cleo. But I'm so glad to...

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    Happy news, but also a bit bittersweet @Cleo. But I'm so glad to hear you have found happiness in your life, even finding your own special someone sounds like. Irreplaceable is not a word to be used flippantly, but I do think you are, one of a kind, don't think one can overstate the positive influence you've had here. I think HLL nailed it when he said more than anything, you bring heart. Whether the day brought rain or shine, good or bad, you are reliably positive and kind to all of us. It really won't be the same without you are around.

    Many happy trails to you Cleo. Do stop in to say hi, and the best of luck in your future adventures. 


    Following on from Cleo is going to be a bit of an impossible act, no way one can fill those large boots, feels like Moyes trying to follow Fergie. Thought I'd wait the day to see if there were any other expressions of interest, but I'm prepared to take on the mantle and open the doors in the pre-open if there are no objections (I don't think I saw anyone else indicate interest, but if there was I'll happily retract my offer).

    Anyway enuff o' that, let's get the going away party going.


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