ATH could be the next ESK tomorrowATH- The most undervalued...

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    ATH could be the next ESK tomorrow

    ATH- The most undervalued Biotech on the ASX
    - Just announced today that it has received guidance from (FDA) in relation to the development pathway for ATH434 (previously PBT434), the company’s lead compound for the treatment of Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), a Parkinsonian disorder.
    - The company recently met with the FDA following the successful completion of its Phase 1 clinical trial last year
    - No current treatments for Parkinsons
    - “The FDA clearly recognizes the seriousness of MSA and the need for new treatments to address this devastating Orphan disease. Our pre-IND meeting was very collegial."
    - “Because we’re treating the underlying cause of disease by targeting alpha synuclein, I think we have potential to affect all aspects of disease — the motor symptoms, the blood pressure problems, gait and balance, and even bowel and bladder dysfunction."

    - 10.4mill cash, 16mill market cap
    - Top 20 hold 88%, extremely tightly held. There are some big names on register who dont care about short term price movements, but rather believe in the science
    . Worth mentioning that suffering shareholders have been holding ATH for years, they too believe in the science.
    - Life Biosciences LLC have invested $12mill at 3.9c last year

    Chart says it all, we could get another stellar run in 2013 when it went from 10c to $1.40. Stock has been doing nothing for decades, what a base
    Im guessing tomorrow is the beginning of that stellar run.
    Currently up 200% on NASDAQ.
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