Day Trader’s Aftermarket Lounge 27 Jun 2019

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    Welcome to the Day Trader’s Aftermarket Lounge. Thanks for the opens today @highlandlad and @Oscar09smile.png

    The market dropped briefly in the morning then came back and sat just above open for most of the day, edging higher in the late afternoon. It closed 0.40% up. The spec end was again lively which was good to see. Hope you had a good day smile.png

    WORLD BAR TOUR! (DAY 38 of 197) Today's country is Comoros.

    Tonight we head to the island nation's capital Moroni to the Karibu bar on the water. Relax and enjoy a few drinks. Included is a pic of one of the Comoros islands. Looks like paradise biggrin.png Enjoy your evening smile.png

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