Day Trader’s Aftermarket Lounge 20 May 2019

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    Welcome to the Day Trader’s Aftermarket Lounge. Thanks for the opens today @Bugsam, @Oscar09 and @highlandladsmile.png

    On open, the market shot high into the green and stayed there all day, drifting higher still in the afternoon pushed ahead by the large caps. It closed 1.62% up. There was less action in the spec end but enough to make a trade or two. Hope you did well smile.png

    WORLD BAR TOUR! (DAY 11 of 197) Today's country is Azerbaijan.

    Tonight we visit a bar in the capital Baku (pronounced 'Barku': cool name for a city cool.png). And at this bar, no matter what drink you order, they all look orange rolleyes.png The architecture in Azerbaijan is amazing. I included a pic of the three 'Flame Towers' in the capital. Enjoy your evening smile.png

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