Day Trader’s Aftermarket Lounge 20 Aug 2019

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    Welcome to the Day Trader’s Aftermarket Lounge. Thanks for the opens today @Bowser. and @highlandladsmile.png

    The market opened green and inched (centimetered) its way higher throughout the day closing 1.17% up. The spec end was quiet today redface.png Hope you had a good day anyway smile.png

    WORLD BAR TOUR! (DAY 76 of 197) Today's country is Iceland.

    Tonight we head to the capital Reykjavik for a few drinks at the Sæmundur Bar which used to be a biscuit factory rolleyes.png It's been said that Iceland has more green than Greenland and Greenland has more ice than Iceland what.png Anyway, Iceland is an amazing country. Here are a few pics to give you a snippet. Enjoy your evening smile.png
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