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    The XEC index is a good one to follow for Day Trading.
    1600.10 High for the day.
    Someone wondered the other day why so many screens?
    Indexes and the like, gold, oil, AUD and many other sectors.
    WHY the XEC? Being the Emerging Companies Index IT IS
    OF HIGH RISK, when the market is strong big money [which is
    the money that makes a difference] enters on an INTRA level,
    likewise it EXITS when weak.
    Using it helps decide Intra, not only for the Smalls but also for the MIDS.
    Eg. a drop in XEC often shows a rise in MIDS and Blues.
    First Chart is a longer pic.
    Second Chart shows clearer, we are topping out, like playing with any
    stock at the top just be aware with an Index while making a decision.
    I have no doubt BIG MONEY USE indexes to decide where to park money.
    Picking the right Stock is a dif question.
    conc. RISK Factor. Money leaves high risk stocks when the market is weak.
    The market is showing strength
    cautious times ahead though positive

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