No profits today but bought more in CDX @ 0.061 and left with a...

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    No profits today but bought more in CDX @ 0.061 and left with a buy order at 0.058 however 0.06 seems like becoming a solid support line now, still have my long term holding. Spent the rest of the day watching CDX, OEL, RHT and JAT.

    RHT seems to be ready to make a come back tomorrow with those late buys and hitting 0.083.

    OEL had an interesting close where a 10 mil and 1 mil buy order came in at 0.064 only to be matched at 0.064 by an 11 mil sell order. With WINX-1 about to spud, Lightning Well going to production at the end of March and other ventures, OEL may be ready to move. It did make a move on 0.065 earlier today but 0.064 was reloaded on the sells. Perhaps that 11 mil sell order has dropped someones number of accumulated shares and surely whoever is holding that 10 million buy from todays close will be looking to make a cent or two. Short term target 0.08.

    Quieter plays, FOD needs some news on the recent China deals to avoid breaking support levels IMO.

    PCK was a surprise, didn't buy yet but will see where it leads in the coming weeks.
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