In relation to holding over the weekend or overnight - there is...

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    In relation to holding over the weekend or overnight - there is the safety net of the bigger time frame . My personal belief is that a stock is only going to go down - due to a Trump move , if it needed to pull back anyway.(aside from a worldwide stock market crash ). And if you are in the right ones - they can always go up with a trump move. If we don't have faith in our signals , then we can't play this game. I still need to do a lot of work on my signals in the shorter time frames - not so confident with day trades (though I am very eager to learn), but the bigger time frames tell me , I can hold over the week-end without fear. If you know your signals - a pull back can make you feel good rather than afraid - because the share price is doing what it needs to , in order to make a move higher. My signals at the moment , aren't perfect, but I still have to put my confidence in the signals that I have - till I know better. I guess I am all TA - rather than FA . And TA shouldn't change over the week-end or overnight. Anyway this is my belief - till I know better .
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