david & goliath - and more myths exposed

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    G'day all,

    After last weeks 'Compass' when the Biblical stories of the jews having been in in Egypt and returned to Caanan being exposed as non events, i.e. they didn't happen, more revalations were made in last nights programme. A small list is as follows:-

    *The only city of the twelve that could possibly have been razed by Joshua was in fact razed by the Egyptions twoo hundred years earlier (last week Jericho was exposed as false)
    *David and Goliath didn't happen - If there was a David 1,000BC he did not rule Jerusalem and was never there
    *The only trace outside of the Bible of a King David is on a stone in the north of Israel but what and when he ruled is unknown
    *David is supposedly one of Jesus ancestors (obviously not on his fathers side) so if no David, king of Jerusalem and Israel what of Jesus?
    *Solomon and David did not rule a joint kingdom - Solomon's existence cannot be shown either
    *The Philistines arrived in the area in around 1200BC and were not long term inhabitants of the area, settling on the coast nowhere nere Jerusalem
    *The Philistines were not uncivilised neanderthals (my word) they were of Greek origin, probably out of Cyprus and had a very cultured society
    *The Israelites were probably Caananites that moved into the hills from the lowlands

    And the biggie of them all - The Palestinians and the jews are of the same genetic origin (very closely so) and are probably the original Caananites. The testing was done in an Israeli institution. On that basis both the Jews and Palestinians are Caananites.

    Pretty explosive stuff all this which not only continues to discredit the Bible as a book of fact also challenges the many claims by current political and religious groups to 'rights' in the Middle East. It was also apparent that researchers are being threatened not to disclose findings - for obvious reasons.
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