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Dave - The Penultimate Story

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    Hi Folks -

    Well what a weekend!! We went down, we went back up and we all enjoyed some magnificent personal anecdotal stories that will probably be more relevant to the overall Obj story than any chart or TA prediction could ever hope to compete with.......Dave, as you fuss about Mother dear don't forget to tell her that you have been nominated as an honourary legend in the Obj Forum!!! And deservedly so!!

    Bluesdog - we understand your noble intentions, after all, Hc is really all about a serious Stockmarket debate.....and I know you have our best interests at heart.....almost stumbling towards a Martis type blessing in my deluded state.....

    But for crying out aloud we NEED the final saga from Dave as us pathetic Hc - Obj junkies simply can't survive another challenging day without the next fix!!!! And the quality of the initial trilogy is unquestionable -

    So beautiful people - a big fat TU to help motivate Dave the PR King tell his final tale - certainly beats listening to Hopeful justify a Hold rather than a Sell .......fascinating stuff!!

    Cheers Ort
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