Dave Hanna

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    I know full well of the charged Setka is facing. Breaking the Domestic Violence Order 5 times. He is a big chief at the CFMEU and a white ribbon member.
    The new name to pass before me is Dave Hanna. Well Dave is an ex leader of the CFMEU like Setka.
    The similarities don’t stop there, both have whstvaloesrs to be outrageous attitudes to women. The Australian reports Dave filmed himself raping women. The victims allegedly texted for help. 
    While this is not unexpected what has been expected is some word from the 50% quota of ALP women. Where is the MSM coverage of this and Setka? 
    Thensilence if these women is tacit approval of these men. This is why I hate the ALP they are opportunistic hypocrites. 
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