data suppliers??

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    Just getting set up with metastock and need historical data and eod. yaldo seems to be the best of what I have seen so far with a choice of
    1. EOD and intraday for once off payment of $249 includes 'free' 10 year historical CD. A variety of indeces are included in both.
    2. $50 for CD and free data after midnight emailed.

    I will probably go 2, but the offer on 1 only goes til the end of sept at this stage. I have no idea how financially sound the company is either.
    Metastock is EOD only, I wondering what software I could use that takes advantage of the intraday and whether it is compatible with MS format? A bit hard for me to understand as I don't know how this would effect ms having EOD and intraday? Would be nice to do intraday explorations though.
    Any comments on yaldo or other suppliers
    Their site is
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