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Data Encryption

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    Coming from an I.T Systems Integrator background and currently a Systems Engineer with a strong focus on virtualisation, I can see how Covata's main Software (Safe Share ) can integrate into businesses ranging from small to medium to enterprise. Many businesses have a Centralised Data share typically known as the company's Private and Public Share. I have seen many Busineses actually neglect the need to encrypt their data mainly due to lack of knowledge and presumably have faith in their employees not to distribute data outside the organisation. Now a days businesses of any nature cannot simply rely on NTFS permissions or the locking down of Managed storage with Active directory to secure their data. They need an encryption software that is reselient and not have a direct impact on performance such as Covata. The market is hugely dominated by PC's and thus Microsoft realised the potential with Bitlocker to attract Businesses to keep rolling out their OS platforms such as Windows 7. Having bitlocker on every PC impacts performance and is not centrally managed, well you can set it up via group policy however that does not encrpyt public shares commonly known as the Public Drive. When I first came across covata, I realised the huge potential that this software can deliver to the business especially the integration part along with the revocation. So no matter where the data is, if it's encrypted rest assured that only staff with access permissions can access the data. Why not invest first up to protect your data rather spend millions to investigate who hacked your data and finally come up with millions more to find a solution such as covata Safe Share to secure and protect and not only that, fix the reputation that has been damaged and also lose customers from bad publicity that the hackers caused to your business. If I was a business owner, I'll definitely know what to do.

    Hopefully this will shed some light with investors that have no knowledge in Software or Information technology in general.
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