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    SHN -Sherlock Bay Nickel Corporation


    Shares: 344.4 mill. Unlisted 15 mill options convert 30/9/06 at 4.5 cents. Unlisted 4.3 mill options convert 31/12/04 at 10 cents.

    Dec 31: CASH: $1.528 mill; Net operating cashflow: -$806,000.
    History: Formerly Central Kalgoorly Mines. Name and code changed on 12 Dec. 2003

    1. NICKEL
    April 26, 2003: Drilling Commences at Sherlock Bay Nickel Project:

    May 19: Sherlock Bay Option Conditionally Exercised:

    Sept 23, 2003: Mining Lease Applications lodged on Sherlock Bay Nickel Proj:

    Oct. 7, 2003: Mining Lease Applications lodged on Sherlock Bay Nickel Proj--Issue of 60 mill. shares:

    Oct.22, 2003: Sherlock Bay Nickel Project-Devt Planning Update:

    Nov. 2003: Upgrade in Measured Resource at Sherlock Bay-- 9 mill tonnes @0.53 gr Ni and 0.1 gr. Cu

    Dec. 3, 2003: Company intends to mine 2,000,000 tonnes of ore a year to produce 8,000 tonnes of Ni and 1,600 tonnes of Cu a year, with a current mine life of four and a half years.

    March 9, 23004: Significant Metalurgical Test Results: Envisaged recovery rate 88% Ni while 75% was used in the scoping study. Further results to come:

    Jan. 14, 2004: Dec 31 quarterly report- Resource upgraded to 9 million tonnes at 0.53% Ni,0.10%Cu. This provides an in-situ metal content of 47,700 tonnes of Nickel and 9,000 tonnes of Copper.

    2. GOLD
    2.1 Bulong gold Project:
    March 26, 2003: New Bulong Project Farm In Agreement:

    May 21, 2003: New Bulong Gold Project Drilling Results

    May21, 2003: Media Rel: CKG Reports Gold Find Near Kalgoorlie:

    June10, 2003: Exciting new results from New Bulong Project:

    2.2 Eureka Project.
    July2, 2003: 64 000 Ounces of Gold in New Measured Eureka:

    Readers, please do your own research and you decide if and when to buy, hold or sell any stocks.

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