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    SBP web site:

    Shares: 159.3 mil. Options: 157.8 mill. These to convert either at 12 cents before 19 Sept 2004, or at 20 cents before 19 Sept. 2005, or at 30 cents before 19 Sept. 2006. Code: SBPOA

    Cash: $2 mill on 20/5/2003. Sale of mining assets is proceeding and the value is unknown.

    There are 2 agreements in place:
    BEC® Anti Cancer Project
    Lawley Pharmaceuticals.

    These are referred to in:

    That site shows Pharmaceuticals:
    1. BEC® Anti Cancer Agent.
    2. Lawley Pharmaceuticals Project - HRT Products".(Hormones)
    3 Other Pharmaceutical Projects - DPX-01--Anti Herpes compound.

    4. Mining. Some of these assets present value. The company is slowly relinquishing some of these assets.

    1. BEC® Anti Cancer Agent.
    Evaluation & Commercialisation of Anti-Cancer Agent-Date 10/8/2000:

    Focus on Pharmaceutical Business - Change of name-4 parts- Date 26/3/2001:

    Agreement: Murdoch University to confirm the efficacy of its new non toxic anti cancer drug BEC(R) Date 2/8/2001:

    Glycoalkaloid patent has been granted in Japan. The patent is now granted in Australia, Europe, USA, Korea,
    Singapore and Japan-Date 28/9/2001:

    Appointment of Professor Bruce - Robinson as a member of the Company's Expert Advisory Group. He is a world renowned expert in Mesothelioma.- Date 20/10/2001:

    American study shows BEC(R) active in a further 23 cancers in vitro.-Date 20/11/2001:

    Results of preliminary dose range finding studies of BEC-Melanoma: 15 Jan. 2002:

    Lodge provisional patent application-Date 14 Febr 2002:

    "Initial studies have shown that using our technology it is possible to detect and visualise individual cancer cells. This technology has the potential to lead to the development and commercialisation of a single blood test for diagnosis of cancers. The technology also has the ability to provide a diagnostic tool to visualise tumours in situ, via x-ray, MRI or a similar technology at a much earlier stage, allowing earlier treatment therefore improving prognosis".
    Results of a study of the effect of multiple doses of BEC(R) against experimentally induced mesothelioma in mice-Date 6/3/2002:

    American Association of Cancer Research Conference-Date 10/4/2002:

    Letter to Shareholders re Update-Date 8/5/2002:

    "It was also confirmed that BEC(R) would go through the fast track assessment program. We will now lodge documentation with the FDA seeking to have BEC(R) designated as an orphan drug. Solbec was very pleased with the outcomes achieved".

    Expansion of Pre-Clinical Testing in Lead Cancer Compound-Date 3/9/2002:


    Effect of expanded range of human mesothelioma cell lines- Mesothelioma - Date 10 Dec. 2002:

    Update on cancer drug SBP002-Date 18/2/2003:

    Cancer Drug may boost immunity-Date 4/9/2003:

    To be cont.

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