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    EIF( Eiffel Technologies):

    Current price 18 cents. Cash since 31/12/02: $7.7 mill.
    Shares: 193 mill and 25 mil. options at 25 cents on 23/10/2007.

    "Enhancing Drug Performance and Delivery:
    EIF uses Supercritical Fluid (SCF) technologies to re-engineer pharmaceuticals and proteins to improve their bioavailability and delivery.

    By applying its expertise in the four SCF technologies - alone or in combination - Eiffel has the capacity to deliver a customized re-engineering solution to enhance the performance and drug delivery of drug formulations with wide-ranging physicochemical properties".

    "Eiffel can:
    improve the performance, bioavailability and absorption of approved drugs

    deliver drugs in a more patient-friendly way, such as by replacing an injection with a tablet or puffer

    extend the patent life of originator brands

    1. The four Technologies:

    Eiffel has research expertise in the four known SCF processes:

    RESS - Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solution

    ASES - Aerosol Solvent Extraction Systems

    GAS - Gas Anti-Solvent Systems

    PGSS - Particles from Gas Saturated Solution

    This important web site refers to the re-engineering solutions available:


    Eiffel's Toolbox of Supercritical Fluid (SCF) Technologies:

    2. Applications of Eiffel's SCF Technologies:

    3. Eiffel's Trade Marked Processes:

    In addition to Eiffel's seven international and provisional patent applications, the company was granted in 2000 a world-wide exclusive licence for SCF technology platforms from the Universities of NSW (Unisearch) and Sydney.

    4. Research Strategy:

    5. Partnerships:

    Please do your own research and you decide if and when to buy, hold or sell any stocks.

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