VCR ventracor limited

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    "Our patient is an older man with recurrent admissions to hospital in severe heart failure, with many of his bodily functions progressively failing," Professor Esmore said. Since the operation his health had improved on all fronts."


    FDA only allows patients above 65 years old. (Once the device has been approved, any age will be accepted).

    Such a patient is drugged to the eyeballs when he enters the clinic.

    It therefore follows that once the initial recovery takes hold, a lot of time will need to be spent to bring this half-dead man back to life again.

    So, his functions will need to be restored to a reasonable level and that is what they have been doing.

    That takes much time and that would be the major reason why a 72 year old wil be longer in hospital than a 50 year old.

    The Ventrassist itself will function anyway and would not require the time needed. Some tests are needed initially, of course.

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