VCR ventracor limited

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    The purpose of this thread is to collect any worthwhile data on VCR and centralize it. So when new data becomes available, it will be added to the postings on this thread.

    So, investors can get a quick grasp of the situation.
    It starts with:

    There are lots of Bios to invest in and money moves quickly from one company to another. I would say that per 1 mill. of Australians, they have more Bios than anywhere else.

    But at the same time the amount of cash available for investment is not that high. Hence, even a potentially promising company as VCR certainly is, has its slowdowns.

    I believe that we need to wait till the next patient is fitted up with the device before we'll see a good move upwards, assuming that the operation will be successful.

    I have been in VCR since March 2000 and would like that VCR be given the respect it needs.

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