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darwin disaster

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    Am I missing something here, normal business practice is that if you employ and sign a contract with a company, in this case Lurgi, and it doesn't meet the standard required or completion within a specified time frame the employer has every right to sue for loss of earnings rather than issuing more shares or borrowing money. I hope I'm wrong but suspect that the contract signed between NFL and Lurgi was not water tight, or worst still was there was even a contract. The Half Yearly Report gives no indication as to when the plant will up and running, producing much needed revenue for the company. Can someone please explain. Aside from that my other concern is that when the company does start producing refined glycerine will it have enough storage capacity to store it because I haven't seen any announcements regarding contracts to sell. Maybe I'm just a long suffering shareholder just venting feelings of frustration on how this company is being run but I feel they are fully justified.
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