XJO 0.11% 6,167.0 s&p/asx 200

darryl guppy on cnbc right now, page-4

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    I have bought his books, reading more of them, subscribed his services, baptized by him several times.

    His writing skill and manipulation skill is first class. His method won't get you anywhere near the bottom, I guess, if you luck, 30% from the bottom. But, his newer bible always rewritten his old version, of course, it is natural thing to do for anyone, "I have told you before, such or such...."

    His method is very profitable if there is a trend. Of course, a 6 years old kid can spot a trend, just you have to fight against your own foe, to take the advantage of it, and with proper money management skill.

    To give him some credits, his buy signal was XJO around 4400 (I cannot remember which newsletters he put up outright buy, but he may hinted a buy at 4200 or earlier. Nevertheless, he did put a 2800 target for XJO early in the year).

    One thing is for sure, He made more money by selling his writing and speech than trading. It is called risk management. Profitable trade are not easy to find, but suckers are everywhere. Here and there.
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