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darryl guppy on cnbc right now, page-2

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    Is Darly Guppy a trader? Does he trade? Last time I listened to him was about 2005 and BHP was about $20 and he said pull back to $16. No offence to any fans of Daryl guess I just had a bad experience. Now that's off my chest after 5 years of grievance I can finally get on with my life :)

    Seems to me we're not that inspired in here as the US rally was largely tech based and commods didn't do well rsing USD etc etc = muted response in Aust.

    XAO 4700 is like a mozzie that just won't go away atm every time there of late = sell down. A close above would be a big plus imo unless followed by US sell off tonight and if we are staying range bound that is a good chance, however, if we are moving higher, now is the time for it to happen imo as light volume holiday trading easy to manipulate.

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