darker days ahead

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    I made a contrarian analysis on this 'giant' of a Telco and got plastered for it earlier thsi year. Those of you who remember the infamous claim that NWL had some huge China deal would also remember that the debate that ensued included some very sore brokers and 'analysts' who obviously had a buck to grind writing vitriol at my remarks.

    The Chinese government for anyone with a basic knowledge of economics and politics of the region, do not permit the level of involvement by oreigners into their defence and 'strategic' industries one of which is telecommunication.

    NWL's boasts and claims were out of this world and people got carried away. This comming week the receivers are likely to be called in as the company is insolvent and illiquid.

    Their top executives include a convict. Their liabilities include over $100 million of shareholders funds in a big black hole. There is a growing school of thieves that are allowed to enter the valust of our economy are rip it threadbare. I wonder if China will come to their rescue. I am sure Rodney Adler wold like to see Indonesia come to his rescue (considering his mother comes from the Safardic community there).

    On a separate note, Amatil is likely to see some fireworks in South East Asia. Australian companies are likely to bear the brunt of Howards reckless statements. A group called MCIM who are a powerful malay and Muslim lobby have called on their supoprters to boycott,Coca Cola and Pepsi and their by products. It is already begining to take effect.

    A similar call has gone out in the Phillipines and Indonesia. It won't be long before the Chinese step into the breach and not let go. It is an opportunity they have long coveted.

    The president of MCIM has indicated that their network which also takes in the US and Australia, Britain and the middle east has struck a chord with Muslims and with non Muslims alike who prefer this sort of punishment to the Sept 11 types of more psychologically damaging incidents.

    Publications, periodicals, and yes their bette noir CNN is likely to also be targetted. The Australian target will be those Australian companies with US and British links and more damaging is the proposal to ask all Malays and Indonesians and other Muslims to avoid Australia as a destination for education.

    MCIM's chief went further to highlight the fact that some of Australia's top universities like Monash have hired Vice Chancellors who have had suspect credentials (citing Professor Robinsons departure for palagiarism). An additional claim is that not one of Austrlaia's 38 Universities ratesd in the latest top 100 universities of the world when even Singapore, India and China were included.

    if this goes ahead,w e are likely to see a massive downturn in our economy in the comming year which is not good news.

    Howard needs not to Kow Tow but to speak a little less like the imperials of 1935. He needs to avoid flamable stuff near a fire, he needs to enagge the language of diplomacy and not that of a dick head.

    If Indonesia or Malaysia want the Jemaa Islamia then let them have it. They would still need nylon, ships and boats, medicines and the rest and we can always provide it for a premium.

    The damage this time round by an anachrosim of a Prime Minister is far too damaging. Contractors are particularly vulnerable. It is something the region can do without Australian assistance.


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