That would make a great new thread if either you or Copperbod...

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    That would make a great new thread if either you or Copperbod would like to lead us off.

    There's nothing simple about humans or the human mind and psyche. And what Copperbod said about being fed a lifetime of background information about the fictitious nature of satan and demons, etc, this has already filled in a backstory for the deranged mind or the highly susceptible to imagine all sorts of satanic influence. Christians in particular speak almost as much about Christ as satan.

    As for abiogenesis, be it Creation or other, some degree of abiogenesis has to be in the mix. Unless of course we ignore hundreds of years of scientific endeavour and go for Genesis Creation, in which case it's superstition rather than Creation.

    Just stay with the evidence. Evolution is proven. If Creation is then a reality it has used evolution as its means to roll out Creation and therefore abiogenesis is a mystery your God employed.
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