People have differing perspectives but truth is not nearly as...

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    People have differing perspectives but truth is not nearly as flexible as this age would have us believe.

    It gets tangle up with propaganda, and endless streams of biased information to the extent that truth is close to extinction. Even our courts of law are not really interested in truth. They function via precedent and obscuration.

    The legal system uses every legal immorality and act of chicanery in an attempt to block information that leads to truth. The standout being the OJ Simpson trial. Only 12 people in the US believed in his innocence, but by using the dark forces of race and subterfuge, lying and omission and grand theatre, well you know the story. The greatest slam-dunk in history and he gets off, lawyers get rich and slap each other on the back thinking they did something real good and clever.

    What those lawyers really did was nothing less than aiding and abetting a murderer or they were accessories after the fact.
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