dark energy

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    3D map of 1.2 million galaxies used to measure dark energy

    The cosmological constant is the value, often called Lambda, of the energy density of the vacuum of space and was first proposed by Albert Einstein in 1917 as an addition to his theory of general relativity to allow it to work in a static universe.

    SCIENTISTS have created a 3D map of 1.2 million galaxies to gain unprecedented insight into the mysterious nature of dark energy — giving further credence to a once discarded Einstein theory.
    The still unexplained force of dark energy is believed to make up about 68 per cent of the universe and is provides an explanation as to why the universe continues to rapidly expand outwards despite the force of gravity which pulls all matter together.
    An international consortium of astronomers recently joined forces to carry out the extraordinary analysis known as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III project. They mapped a quarter of the sky, charting a volume of 650 cubic billion light years in order to study the properties of the mysterious force.
    “We have spent a decade collecting measurements of 1.2 million galaxies over one quarter of the sky to map out the structure of the Universe over a volume of
    650 cubic billion light years,” Dr Jeremy Tinker of New York University, a co-leader in the effort said in a statement.

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