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    It is obvious, we must all considered too dumb to know the facts...it is fast getting to the situation where people en mass are going to walk away from these two Political parties. It seems 5% of voters who turn up at the Polling Booths donkey vote now, they don't care who the Prime Minister is; Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum.

    They plainly do not have the interests of Australian's at heart. In fact I am listening more to Pauline Hanson, she is making a whole lot more sense than these career Politicians are! (and no, I have not got a sun burned neck, I wear a collar and tie)

    Where are our Politicians' plans for the future of this country? There is none...just ongoing bickering and jostling to find the best spot at the trough. Lies, mindless statements and accusations...sooking over what was "tweeted" or caught on tape at some obscure point in history.

    What a joke they all are, who really in their right mind would vote for any one of them? There might be one or two exceptions, but of the 155 tax payer funded jobs up for grabs on the 18th of May, how many will be filled by some one you would trust and see as a person who really cares?

    Anyway, from the Socialists' corner all we are being told is that we have to pay higher taxes to allegedly pay more for "Health & Education" That "extra" money of course isn't planned to go that way until 2024. So no mention of where is the cash going in thew meantime...all i have read is that the Socialists also claim they can save more money than the Conservatives...no actual figures though. They are telling us that they will match the other sides tax breaks as well as tax us more...how does that work?

    Is this going to be a repeat of Paul Keating's tax breaks that he countered Hewson's with back in 1993? The L.A.W. Law tax breaks that evaporated immediately after the election?

    To do all this the Socialists do not have a plan to bring Australia forward in the world, to look for new markets for our products or services, to make the life here better and more enjoyable.

    Instead the script is no different to three years ago, we have to pull our belts in, pay more for electricity, buy electric cars, cozy up to the Greens which will see our mining industry under more pressure and potentially loss of Royalties and export income. And that is it from the Socialists...NO PLANS.
    I suppose that isn't 100% true, the Leader in waiting has a plan, he has told us he is going to run the country like he ran his trade union. We can all look forward to that I am sure.

    From the Conservative side we are being told that they are great money managers and they will allegedly spend less than they take from the tax payer on their projected figures for 2020. They will also give some money back through tax cuts. I wonder how much of that is real given bracket creep...don't hear that term much these days?

    We are being told that the Socialists are lousy at saving and will spend more than ever before sending the country in to further debt.

    There is no mention of the "Government" pulling in the belt, to cut some waste, to spend more borrowed money here instead of sending borrowed money overseas. I get we need to be the good "Corporate" citizen but when is enough enough?

    If we knew even half the wastage of our money our eyes would be watering. Millions upon millions of dollars get wasted every year by couldn't care less fat cat Public Service Bureaucrats, money that would build roads and hospitals.

    Where is the Business Plan that any successful business / country must have. All we get is lip service and false promises. We know nothing will change for any tax payer short of more grief and a tougher life.
    We do not really have to continually live under Malcolm Fraser's "Life wasn't mean't to be easy" mantra do we?


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