Dan Andrew Out and Out Liar or Just Ignorant ?

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    Dan Andrews , Vic Premier :- Out and out liar,ignorant or both?
    Or just typical Green warmist where facts don`t matter?

    Take your pick.Personally I think lying and cunnungly ignorant!

    November 19, 2017 9:07am From Joannenova
    Any more free electricity and SA and Victoria will go broke.

    In other news a few days ago, the retail price of electricity rose 16% in Victoria and the number of disconnections rose 21%.
    In a highly critical report to be released on Tuesday, the Essential Services Commission accused energy retailers of running ineffectual hardship programs that saw customers cut off anyway in most cases. The commission reported power prices leapt 16 per cent last financial year, feeding a 21 per cent jump in the number of disconnections as 60,732 customers had their power cut off. The ESC said the number of disconnections in the last quarter of the financial year was one of the highest on record. – Sydney Morning Herald

    Premier Dan Andrews a year ago said closing the giant Hazelwood coal-fired generator would hit electricity bills by about "4 per cent or 85 cents a week".
    That was always utter bull, given Hazelwood generated about 20 per cent of Victoria's electricity, and among its cheapest.
    But Andrews helped to drive that station out of business to allegedly save us from the hyped dangers of global warming. And now the real costs starts to be emerge:
    VICTORIAN households face a huge $470 jump in their electricity and gas bills.
    The Sunday Herald Sun can exclusively reveal the state’s third largest energy retailer — Energy Australia — is rolling out significant price jumps in 2018 that will push electricity bills up by 14.9 per cent and gas bills by 13.5 per cent.
    From January 2 the average residential customer will be slugged an extra $278 a year for electricity, pushing their annual bill to $2134...
    The surge in electricity charges has been blamed on the steep climb in wholesale energy prices — electricity bought by retailers on behalf of customers — and the closure of coal-fired power stations including Hazelwood.
    Energy Australia’s chief customer officer Kim Clarke said wholesale electricity prices have risen about 55 per cent since the start of the year...
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