dairy - boom times ahead

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    the matter has probably previously been covered, when andrew robb signed the FTA with china.

    watso has recently noticed a severe shortage of milk powder - and wondered why - well, it seems that china is buying the stuff - and the following from


    New Zealand signeda bilateral free trade agreement with China in April, 2008 – the first FTA China has signed with any developed country.

    New Zealand dairy exports to China since a free trade deal was signed have increased tenfold and are now worth more than A$5bn.

    By comparison, Australian dairy exports to China were worth A$450m in 2013.

    where it counts this government is kicking goals - just a shame that abbott has such poor political judgement to give a knighthood to some english guy.

    boom times ahead for the australian dairy industry, thanks to this government - and that means jobs in the private sector, and taxes for the government
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