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dairi pre-feasibility study..wow!

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    Morning all,
    The link below will take you to the ASX Site then type in HER in the Co. Announcements section.
    Coolgardie announcement is re some plant failure, which appears to be in hand, and has no bearing on the second one.
    The Dairi Pre-Feasibility Study is the one of interest, and in typically Herald style, all assumptions and forecasts are based on very conservative estimates indeed.


    And then we have the Meluak ~ Corona entitlement to boot and it's not facxtored in in the published equation.
    Not too shabby and just what you'd expect from a company that has been around for 50 odd years and has paid dividends in the past.

    I'm very happy holding and have been for a while now.
    Good luck to all fellow owners, our time is nigh!
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