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    Today in the Sydney Daily Telegraph in the Money & You section

    Surprised no one else commented on it. No link so will type a few quotes:

    "Tasty Profits on Offer in Agriculture And Food
    By Nick Gardner

    The price of food is rising....

    According to some world authorities, this is a new glaobal trend that will last 20 years, perhaps longer, with food producers becoming the new BHP's & RIO's...."

    Then talks about massive increases in population, yet not the same increases in land area used for farming, in fact increasing urbanization is decreasing available fertile land in many countries,particularly seen in Europe, Japan, India, and China. Also out of desparation to survive, many farmers switching to crops to produce ethanol, cutting down food production.

    Interesting stat given: In 1950 there was 2.5bill population with 0.5 hectares of land per person for food production. Today, population has almost tripled, and it is down to 0.3 hectares per person, and going down! Yet the World Bank says that food production has to go up 50% over the next 30 years to meet demand!

    Innovations to farming techniques & higher yielding crops have helped us cope with the above issues, "however, many believe we are now at a stage of food inflation unlike anything we have ever seen"

    Then they say: "And thats where the investment opportunities come in ... Riccardo Riganti head of research at Macquarie Private Wealth, says he believes that food prices are breaking out of cyclical behaviour and will head upwards for some time 'there has been short-term supply & demand issues with drought & weather conditions throughout the world, but there's a bigger trend emerging here with higher demand, land issues, & biofuels all contributing.'

    So it follows that there could be money to be made through investing in companies that will help increase crop yields in available land, and will help bring about efficiencies in the food industry."

    They then mention that in Aus, the choice is limited. They make mention of Nufarm & Incitec Pivot, and the rest are overseas stocks: Sygenta (Swiss), K&S a German Potash producer, Potash Corp os Saskatchewan (US), and a few others.

    No mention of MAK of course.

    This is not an obscure report but one read by tens of thousands of investors here in Aus


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