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Maybe its time the “hotcopper crazies” gave Bruce and the VRX...

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    Maybe its time the “hotcopper crazies”
    gave Bruce and the VRX board a break and let them get on with their job.

    I do not accept for one moment that they have not been doing everything they could to progress the mine(s) startups.
    They VRX board have employed the acknowledged experts,
    the best and most qualified and experienced people, at all levels.
    Of course these experts would be in frequent regular consultation with the various authorities within their fields of expertise.
    And no doubt over a long period
    would be familiar with the personnel in these departments
    and have good professional relationships with them.

    To suggest the consultants are incompetent  is ridiculous!

    The authorities have being less than helpful,
    with what appears to be unexpected and unnecessary bureaucratic delays.

    Bruce, very diplomatically suggested that the authorities are “ under resourced”
    Maybe so.
    But the authorities are not helping this situation
    by making all this extra unnecessary work for themselves.
    As any posters with any real business experience would realise,
    companies don't make commercially sensitive announcements
    until deals are completed and signed off.
    Be that with new patents, arrangements for freight, port allocations,  potential sales contracts and a whole host of other arrangements.

    So I challenge those posters who are so inclined to attack Bruce
    to attack
    Matt Comyn from the CBA,
    Shemara Wikramanayake from Macquarie Bank
    Mike Henry from BHP
    And demand they make regular progress reports and updates on
    what they have in the pipeline
    before the deals are actually finalised and signed off.

    Lets see how far you get with that!

    There have been occasions when Bruce has said thinks would happen “soon’
    which haven't happened.
    Do any of you seriously think he just made these things up?
    Or do you think he genuine and strongly believed in the context of  what he’d been told
    that approvals were imminent?

    In reality
    HE was mislead.

    With hindsight he should have said nothing.

    No doubt in the future based on this experience,
    he will be gun-shy and say nothing.

    So there we have it:

    The hotcopper demands

    Simple really:

    1/ He should not have have said this

    2/He should keep us updated with that.

    Damned if he does.
    Damned if he doesn’t.
    One more thing
    THE MARKET as such is in a downtrend
    And nearly all shares,
    but in particular low priced mining shares
    are well off their highs.
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