dahlan and the cia plan,

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    Jul. 2, 2003
    Dahlan and the CIA plan, By Uri Dan

    Muhammad Dahlan, Mahmoud Abbas's security chief, made American diplomats a commitment that he would begin dismantling the terrorist organizations in accordance with the [CIA Director George] Tenet plan. This paved the way for the IDF's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and Bethlehem.

    It was Dahlan's way of evading Maj.-Gen. Amos Gilad's demand that he finally present a plan explaining how he intended to dismantle the infrastructure of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terrorist organizations. Since National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice was already on her way to Jericho and Jerusalem, Dahlan and Abbas (Abu Mazen) wanted to give the impression they were acting in accordance with the US road map. Consequently Dahlan clung to the Tenet plan as to a lifebelt.

    Tenet presented his plan to the parties back in June 2001. Israel adopted the plan hoping it would end the Palestinian terrorist offensive. Yasser Arafat ostensibly accepted it. The plan contained five principles that, amongst other things, explained how the Palestinian Authority would collect illegal weapons, arrest suspected terrorists and thwart terrorist operations.

    "They'll murder me if I announce publicly that I'm going to dismantle Hamas," Dahlan said, craftily avoiding the issue by agreeing to a Tenet Plan updated to June 2003.

    Will Dahlan now be willing, two years after the original Tenet plan, to carry out the steps he and Arafat refused to implement in the summer of 2001?
    A great deal of blood has been spilled since then, not only in Jerusalem, but also in New York and Washington in the massacre of September 11, 2001.

    Flagrant Palestinian violation of the Tenet plan took lives in August 2001. Israel's security services supplied Arafat and his gang with items of information about a wanted terrorist about to perpetrate a suicide attack. The result was the murder of 15 innocent people in the Sbarro pizzeria in the heart of Jerusalem. The PA did nothing to prevent the terrorist attack, despite the warning it received and despite its commitment.

    The Tenet plan got drowned in Israeli blood, just as at a later date, in December 2001, there drowned in it the proposals of Gen. Zinni, special emissary of President George W. Bush, proposals that were finally accepted by Israel. Then too Arafat's gang was warned by Israel that terrorists were about to perpetrate an attack in Judea and Samaria; again they did nothing.

    The result was the massacre in the bus in Emmanuel that led to Arafat being besieged in his Mukata in Ramallah on Christmas Eve, 2001.

    Rice, in an interview with the BBC prior to her journey to Jerusalem, was asked whether the US would finally pressure Israel to implement the road map. She reminded the hostile British network, guilty of incitement against Israel, of Palestinian terror acts such as the slaughter in the Dolphinarium, and the smuggling attempt via the arms ship Karine A in January 2002.

    Now, two years after Arafat's thwarting of the CIA plan, the US has adopted a determined public stance regarding the Palestinian terrorist organizations, as expressed by President George W. Bush last week: "The Hamas, the Moslem Jihad, and the other terrorist organizations must be dismantled."

    This is an unprecedented demand from an American president, after Israel has been fighting terrorism innovated and constantly supported by Yasser Arafat for more than 30 years.

    I WELL remember the original sin of a president friendly to Israel, Ronald Reagan. I heard his envoy, special ambassador Phillip Habib, conducting negotiations with defense minister Ariel Sharon in July 1982 for the expulsion of Arafat from Beirut.

    Habib requested that the 10,000 terrorists be permitted to board the expulsion ship carrying their rifles. Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, in their blindness, permitted them to come with their rifles to the very gates of Jerusalem.

    Bush is not repeating this same mistake, particularly with his military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq that have not yet ended.

    There is no doubt that Hamas and Islamic Jihad agreed to the dubious hudna cease-fire solely because they sensed Israel was about to eliminate their entire leadership. Not even Sheikh Ahmed Yassin felt immune. After all, he is responsible for the deaths and injury of so many innocent people. (...........Typical chicken sh!ts. It was ok to send someone else's kid as suicide bombers but now that their own skins were the targets....presto....cease-fire........................Snooker)

    However, intelligence information indicates that Dahlan believes he can once again pull the wool over the eyes of Israel and, mainly, the US, and evade implementing the Tenet plan. In the recent terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria PA members came up with a new story: that Iran, Hizbullah and the Revolutionary Guards were pressuring the El-Aksa battalions into carrying out terrorist attacks in contravention of the hudna and what could they do about it?

    In this way Abu Mazen and Dahlan hope to lead the Israeli government into the same trap their predecessors fell into, that drowned Israel in blood and caused the government to fall: conducting negotiations with the Palestinians under fire.

    This hope was stated quite frankly by Hatem Abdel Kader, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, and one of the Arafat's confidants, in an interview for the Israeli Middle East TV channel in Arabic.

    The day after the Aqaba summit he said the major lesson the Palestinians had learned from the Madrid and Oslo processes was that it was possible to extract concessions from the Israelis during negotiations only if the Palestinians continued their attacks at the same time.

    Dahlan and Abu Mazen are making a bitter mistake if they attempt to implement this new-old plan of deception, instead of acting in accordance with the American Tenet plan.

    It is obvious Dahlan doesn't wish to be murdered; after raking in millions of dollars he wants to pave the way to succeeding Abu Mazen, at Israel's expense.

    But it is even more obvious that the Israeli government has decided not to commit suicide. Consequently Abu Mazen and Dahlan must dismantle their weapons of mass destruction, whose hiding place is known to everyone: the factories of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the El-Aksa battalions where human bombs are produced.

    The writer is Israel correspondent for The New York Post.
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