D day for Abbott

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    IMHO he has about 5 days to either depart in a dignified way or be pushed

    Howard lost the election because he could nor see the writing on the wall and his senior ministers did not want to push him out.

    The Libs will not win the next election with Tony so at least they may have an option with someone else, and please don't carry on about Turnbull who is already a looser

    Their only other option is to force a DD so that they may clear the Senate for whoever comes in after Tony

    I am very glad to see that the public will no longer put up with politicians who do the wrong thing, there is no loyalty any more, do the job or get out, or we will dump you

    Politicians still pretend that they win elections and Queensland has put the nail in that coffin, the public just choose the next one on the ladder.
    No one can say that the new Labor leader in Qld has caused such a dramatic change due to her policy (non existent) her articulate definition of what she will do to make Qld better or any other party room hype, no she will win solely because Can Do did not do enough FOR THE PEOPLE, his back room boys may have been happy with his performance but he forgot the people, "the mob" who get angry when they are ignored

    Of course there should be some questions raised about the money spent and whether it should be classed as political donations. As usual the Labor party had their big media campaign in full swing
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