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    Nice to see a little interest this morning - hopefully it continues and is a precursor of some good news soon.

    Whilst having my usual surf I came across the US Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR search site.

    Interestingly, it came up in my searches due to CVT recently lodging a change to their prospectus on 13th Jan this year.

    The original documentation revolved around Prime in it's day looking to submit ADR's to allow foreign investors to buy shares in the company whilst not listed in the US mkt - as per below from their 2007 doc.


    However, CVT has now lodged a 424(b)(3) to have everything changed to their trade name and to allow another way for US investors to invest in CVT.

    Whilst CVT is not really anywhere near (at this point) the US listing they eventually want, I wonder if this lodgement is an early indication they are currently ramping up activity in the US mkt in both product sales and investment interest and this is now ready for larger US investors / brokers?

    Anyway, just another snippet of info..... minerals ltd&owner=exclude&action=getcompany
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