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    Quite happy with the unexpected Ann today as was waiting for info out of Europe like I think most of us were. Be very nice if CVT back up this Ann with another within a couple of what would that do to the SP....

    Couple of items of interest I found whilst surfing.

    First is a nice little bit of coverage in the Business Insider Aust & ARN which essentially covers the Ann today but a couple of comments I liked in the BI Aust was:

    "Mac Tel is one of the government’s key providers of secure hosting and gateway services. This reseller agreement is a big step for Covata which reversed onto the ASX late last year."


    "Last month it was announced Australia’s communications minister Malcolm Turnbull would lead a newly established digital transformation office to ensure all government services can be delivered securely online."

    The second is an idea of part of Macquaries Govt contracts I found, this one from Jan 14 (there are other mths etc) as per below:


    Think this gives us an idea of what they can generate and have access to via the Govt and ultimately part of what hopefully will be the knock on effect for CVT.

    The above is only really one snippet of one Dept (Geoscience primarily) that Macquarie supply Secure Gateway Services for - these should now start encompassing CVT Safe Share going forward.

    Anyway, have a click on the Govt link and a look around if u like as there is quite a bit of contract info for various mths / years in there

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