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    OK! Here's the deal...
    This is an exact post I sent to our private forums Tuesday.. You guys now have the same information available, sorry your a tad late, but that's life..

    Msg posted to ST Forum:-

    I'm about to upload to the ST File area two spread sheets created by Wayne and in conjunction with a few learned people in the oil and accounting Industry.

    These are updates on the earlier guesswork models Wayne produced and albeit a tad less optimistic, do represent very conservative yet very accurate valuations.

    There are two models.
    The CVN.xls is a basic model that only takes into account known variables of production and doesn't value add any assets presumed in field potential, ongoing well production etc. But it does give an accurate valuation based on the production rates which can easily be adjusted to realise various flows and valuations thereof.

    The CVNDFS.xls is a more accurate and defining spreadsheet, who's parameters have been assessed by knowledgable interested parties, all of whom have verified the sheet to be accurate of the true position and potential of CVN,both current and into the future. I'm hoping to put together documentation to assist dummies like me to follow the detail of the CVNDFS sheet, but for now you'll just have to play with the paramaters and appreciate the end result.

    We know PTE have declared a minimum volume from Phase II wells at 500bopd and they are currently producing 180 - 200 from Phase I with N1 still to come online..

    Thus we have a known resource of 700barrels and a likely potential of 1000+ when N1, E zone and G zone are included.

    If you play with those numbers you'll get a true picture of CVN's real value and maybe when I get these sheets into the public domain (later this week)we actually have a market that's knows CVN's real value.

    PS:- ANYONE who would like to add comments or full documentation to the Public domain releases, PLEASE do.. Adam has contributed some very interesing comments and I'm looking forward to getting as many as I can to place into a ReadMe doc.

    To Close I must thank Wayne ******* on ALL our behalves for the amount of time and effort he's put into these productions. It has been very time consuming and I guess frustrating, because every aspect of the large sheet in particular had to be verified by interested parties as being true and correct.

    Great Job Wayne!! THANKYOU!
    (Oh! well, Lifes like that Sumtimes!) Regards Barney

    These sheets are now available at:-

    The small sheet is a corrected version of the kids calcs and now has accredited parameters which anyone can have verified if they wish. I will ONLY be responsible for the sheets AS PRESENTED, cos they are not protected and idiots will no doubt alter the formulaes and claim improprietry..

    Nearly all cells are adjustable Albeit the only two responsible variances short term are the Volume Produced and the PER you believe a JV oil producer should attain..

    I hope to get some docs to go with them, but at this stage they aren't available.

    Regards Barney

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