CVI 0.00% 0.3¢ cvi energy corporation limited

cvi closes up 12 percent in the us on friday

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    Closing price 18c

    Code CTVWF (thanks bigscot for the link)

    With the DOW being deep in the red, a good result for CVI shares and showing it buck the trend, on the big sell off in the US of 300+ points.

    Obviously we are very close to news and MS trip to the US is fast approaching.

    Again I believe a trading halt will be called at anytime now, due to the nature of the upcoming announcement and the necessity to prepare documentation to lodge the ASX.

    Not a time to be second guessing and trying to trade the 0.5c-1c siwngs, with the potential of a 20-30c sp increase in the short term. Didn't someone "pretty switched on" mention on this thread, that the CVI sp should be trading in the 50c range ?

    Plus still pending news on Fortitude deal and Catabola.....

    all company makers for Cityview.
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