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cvac to cvac trade mark usa appl. no. 77936296

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    I don't know if this has been mentioned but I think I may have found the problem with the N listing. I hold and supported the recent capital raising and am looking at more. I am not ramping but have found the following which may be delaying the N Listing and help long term holders like me. I am also am very frustrated with the listing timeframe, which motivated me to further research. Can't find any of this on our web page or ASX.

    The following comes from the USA Patent and Trademark Office (Which is freely available to the public over the internet with no registration.)

    SelectAll Mail/Create Date Document Description Document Type
    09-Jun-2011 Suspension Inquiry XML
    09-Dec-2010 Amendment and Mail Process Complete MULTI
    09-Dec-2010 Suspension Letter XML
    21-Nov-2010 Response to Office Action XML
    21-May-2010 Notation to File XML
    21-May-2010 Offc Action Outgoing XML
    21-May-2010 XSearch Search Summary XML
    16-Feb-2010 Application MULTI
    16-Feb-2010 Drawing JPEG

    Sorry these are the files for the trademark CVAC submiited by Prima (Cancer Vac Pty Ltd) I can't cut and paste or add a specific web page, you have to search on the above page. (CVAC)

    What I have also found is that there is also another company in America with the Trade Mark CVAC,

    I believe we may be having trademark issue's in the US and this is backed up by the recent changes to the Clinical trials. Have a look at the following two links. The first is dated 8-2-2011 and has CVac listed all through the document.


    The second is dated 13/6/2011, but it is now Cvac

    I know this may seem small, but Prima has actually registered this change on the Clinical web page.

    CVac is specifically changed in this document to Cvac.

    I can't remember, but I am sure it was always CVac on our web page and have also noticed that it is now Cvac. I have noticed that previous announcements it was referred to as CVac.

    They have also requested a certified copy request of the registered trademark here in Australia on 22/6/2011.

    Maybe just some thing minor, but I think they may be having legal issue's with the Trademark in the US. I hope they are all sorted before we are listed in US and the other US company don't get our credit.

    Hope this can help all long term holders, it has helped settle me a bit. If it was previously known please delete.

    DYOR. (And then do more.)

    All these web pages are open for public information.

    Good Luck to Long Term Holders.

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