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Current Vol suspension is only till start of trade on 1st Apr 2019

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    As per announcement on 15th Mar 2019,voluntary suspension is only until market opens on 1st Apr 2019.

    15th Mar 2019 ann:-

    Request for Voluntary Suspension

    Environmental Clean Technologies Limited(ASX: ECT) (the Company) requests a voluntary suspension in the trading of itssecurities, immediately following the expiry of its current trading halt, untilthe market opens on 1 April 2019.

    The ann on 22nd Mar 2019 confirms that thevoluntary suspension remain in place until an announcement can be maderegarding these matters meaning it is unlikely to open before 1st Apr 2019.

    22nd Mar 2019 ann:-

    The Company is currently in discussions withNMDC to confirm the additional time required to complete their internalprocesses.

    The Company acknowledges the complexity ofdelivering this final partner approval and requests

    the voluntary suspension remain in placeuntil an announcement can be made regarding these matters. Specifically, NMDC’s time frame for completion of its internal processes to support board approval

    22nd Mar 2019 ann does not arbitrary extendthe current voluntary suspension.

    To extend the voluntary suspension, IMO, coyhas to write to ASX like the one from 15th Mar 2019.

    Therefore, I am expecting to see an ann on orbefore 1st Apr 2019 (most likely to be on 1st Apr 2019) in relation toextension of voluntary suspension.

    I do not expect any other details released assecrecy increases with enough eggs on the face!!!!

    Other notable thing is both NLCIL and NMDCwebsites do not have any reference to ECT or Corldry or Matmor under theirR&D section of the website.

    Not sure what to make out of it.

    However, there is a mention of below under"RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT" in the NLCIL website.

    "......and a study on upgradation ofbrown coal in association with M/s Kobe Steel Ltd., Japan with a funding fromNEDO, Govt. of Japan."

    There is not even a mention of a study letalone pilot or whatever in relation to lignite, Coldry, ECT-India, ECT etc.,which is of surprise!!!!

    If I am correct, I think in the previous versionof their website content (not sure how many versions before), at least therewas mention of ECT or Coldry.

    If NLCIL is interested only in Coldry thenwhy does NLCIL have conditions precedent including approval by NMDC and theirrelevant Minister.

    So, this kind of alludes that NLCIL may notgo alone without NMDC if things where to progress whenever the time is right.

    All IMO


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