ASC 6.67% 1.6¢ limited

Cum dividend

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    Huge gap at opening!!
    The inexperienced 'dumped' within seconds.
    I looked at "downside" and he just nodded at me. The bell was ringing!
    Time for entry at around 9. For the experienced I stayed for 20 minutes
    and took her at .11.
    Wasn't finished with "HER" yet. Re-entered again at 9.5 within minutes of
    closing out of previous position. ASC humped/spiked again and I was out at .11. What aaaa ride!!

    Better "hang" about for awhile as ASC looked like it had run out of too..

    Went to watch nightly business news on SBS. They reported that "intel" was
    'UP' in late trading as well!
    Trying to keep up with the 'Dow Jones" I suppose?? or some would think it was going down near their FTSE!

    That got me hunting for more opportunities.

    ANN looked good. I hear that they give out free condoms at their AGM (true fact)
    Checked out 'KIM' but there was not much sparkle in "HER" eyes.
    Perhaps "SYLVANIA"??
    Must be something out there.
    HELIX,HER,HARDMAN.....OPTIONS...put,call or straddle??
    You "SIRIUS".
    Justjeans,Looksmart, Neverfails!!!!

    good trades

    ps. I no longer "hold"
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Currently unlisted public company.

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