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    a lists of comments and charts
    own CUE (bought some at $0.045 a while back and more recently at $0.05). I like their story, but large chunk of their asset base is in Indonesia (undeveloped gas plus a little oil) - high sovereign risk with recent Marriot bombing. The chart is looking fairly healthy to my untrained eye. I would appreciate any comments from the Technical Experts on this forum (on charts as attached, on indicators that may be more appropriate, especially on the relevance of SS for a trending stock versus a range bound stock).

    Generally looks positive to me although short term is technically overbought.

    That said, the strong movements in the last few days coupled with the increase in volume suggests this may run further.
    Also 40 day ma recently crossed above 200 day ma which is often used by insto's as a measure of medium term direction. (personally don't find it much though as trade days not weeks/months)

    On the downside, it's on the top of it's channel so could come back a bit, overbought indicators support this too but should see support at 5.3c

    I have trouble with TA on these tiddlers, they're just too small for it to be reliable.

    Sure it's nothing you didn't already know! Hope it's of interest to others.

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    I am certainly no expert, but feel obliged to add a thought as by so doing I'm breaking out of the comfort of paper trading.
    SS and particularly MACD are still good, Vol. a bit down today but I feel that CUE is just having a rest. Cheers,


    Just looking at your posted chart.
    You would have to get excited if it closed over 6.
    A lot of resistance at this price.
    Interesting pattern around last Nov.
    If it beats 6 it could go like a rocket, nice wide base, lots of pressure building up.

    But, as the crystal ball is in the shop.......................
    your guess is as good (if not better) than mine. But, I will hold a good thought for you.


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    Well CUE was looking pretty good early in the week, and even friday morning. Unfortunately, it weakened badly during friday, and looks pretty weak at the moment. Still fairly comfortable with CUE's prospects, but I expect that it will retrace a bit further.

    If CUE don't gain some ground today, I'll start to worry. They have announced an earlier than expected spud of their next Indonesian well (Mangga).


    You gotta just keep plugging the stocks that you own. Very undervalued and out of favour company, but will this change?

    CUE has a drilling in Indonesia about to spud (start). Bids starting to build.

    On the weekly, this thrust suggests its hellbent for 64, however it'll be well extended so a consolidation on or under this level appears likely.

    Will take a closer look at the bigger picture tomorrow... as right now, OPEC has announced a cut to its daily output by 900,000 barrels, and the US markets are getting well and truly spanked

    methinks its a good time to be closing some longs, as our market was already close to signalling a top .. and now this. best of luck.


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