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ctindale - do not miss this opportunity

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    We are not going to see your magical US$700 Gold.
    The spec stocks are not going to get slaughtered (they have already taken a bit of a battering).
    There may be a general market correction, but when Gold starts rising again next year it's taking the stocks with it and the public is going to go mental for the best performing sector (precious metals).

    You have already missed out on the opportunities to date when we told you Gold was going over US$1000, are you going to let this pullback pass you by as well?

    I see you as a bit like Professor Steve Keen. Smart as hell. Know your facts and figures. Put out the doom and gloom call, but due to the irrationality of people/markets you end up wrong.

    I'll tip my hat to you if your predictions are right, but I suspect that most you've made in relation to Gold and related equities will be wrong.

    This is not only a message for ctinadale :P

    IMHO this correction may have a little further to go (I have suspected $1070 for the past few weeks might provide a bottom, but may even go lower), but mark my words (and feel free to dig this post up in 6 months laughing or in respect of it's correctness) Gold is going higher next year. US $1350+, AUD $1400+. I suspect Silver will see mid twenties or maybe even much higher.

    The fundamentals are there, the technicals are showing oversold, Gold is a BUY!

    You've been provided with one last buying opportunity before the precious metals train leaves the station, don't miss it...

    Toot Toot
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