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crystal ball gazing

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    A lot of predictions out there on what is going to happen to marion - who knows? one of them might be right. But rather than guess what might happen in the future, why not take another look at how the company is moving forward?

    AGM presentation, conclusion:
    Marion Energy has emerged from this unprecedented economic
    tsunami with its large resource base intact which should allow the company to focus on:
    -Access to additional necessary capital via improved markets
    -Continued delineation of its economically attractive Clear Creek field
    -Further identify its Mancos shale play at Helper and North Helper
    -Anticipated growth in proven reserves, production and cash flow
    -Enhancement of shareholder value under the direction of the company’s new Chief Operating Officer, Jay Stratton
    -Jay Stratton is a proven technical professional with a passion for oilfield challenges and a belief that Marion’s resource base is on the cusp of breaking out
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