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    The ASX ticker CRYP for BETASHARES CRYPTO INNOVATORS ETF doesn't come up on Hot Copper yet. It only listed on Friday.

    Here is a link to the betashare site:

    Cryptocurrencies are high risk, volatile and operate on the edge of regulation.

    Do your own risk assesment and research. Dig deep - ignore the hype. Only invest what you can afford to lose.......

    The internet isa full of crypto scams.

    Michael Saylor has bet his company, Microstrategy and more importabtly his reputation on Bitcoin. Raoul Pal has also become a bitcoin maximalist....

    CRYP does not hold coins, but invests in the companies involved in mining, trading and other services. Presumably its price will fluctuate in alignment with the crypto market. When bitcoin drops by 80% so will CRYP. When bitcoin climbs back so will CRYP.

    It will be an interesting ride..........

    Low: $11.15
    Current $11.51
    Current BTC $88,220

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